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About Me - How I Took Back My Life..With The Help of Massage Therapy and Alternative Healing!

My name is Heather Beach and I'm a Certified Massage Therapist here in beautiful, sunny California. This website was inspired by my own journey..to take back my life! Let me explain...

Picture of Heather Beach, CMT Heather G. Beach, CMT, LST

...It all started when I went for a run one beautiful, sunny morning... and woke up in the hospital with head, back and knee injuries and no memory of how I got there. It had only taken a split second for a car, driven by an inattentive driver, to profoundly change the course of my life.

In the years that followed, I underwent multiple back and knee surgeries and extensive physical therapy. When the dust settled, I was still unable to jog, climb stairs or do aerobics. Walking was slow and painful. I was unable to sit for longer than 15 minutes without intolerable pain.

Don't get me wrong - I was grateful to still be alive! But, what was a health oriented, active person to do? I had come to a dead end with conventional medical treatment.

As for my corporate desk job, the only way I could continue my work was to lie on my back with the computer in my lap. So that is what I did for the next 10 years.

I Lose My Job...and Discover Alternative Healing!

After 20 years with my corporate job, I was laid off. Once I got over the initial melt down, I realized how incredibly wonderful it felt to not be flat on my back all day working! At last I had time to pursue alternative healing!

Discovering Alternative Healing I Discover Alternative Healing!

Frustrated by my inability to exercise without pain, I decided to try Qigong, which has been likened to a moving meditation.

To my surprise, I began to regain range of motion. Some movements that used to hurt stopped hurting.

I became calmer and more focused. In fact, my whole outlook on life was shifting.

From my research, I learned that tai chi, acupressure and acupuncture are all forms of Qigong. I began to practice acupressure on myself to help control pain.

Encouraged by my success, I decided to try acupuncture. I found an awesome young Chinese woman who was a second generation acupuncturist and Oriental Medical Doctor. After just a few treatments, the sharp pain in my leg when I walked was gone! Pain the western doctors said they couldn't cure!

Ever since my spinal fusion, it felt like I had a block of wood in my back where the two discs had been fused. That unpleasant feeling melted away and my back felt like a back again.

Another Chinese doctor in her office practiced a form of Chinese massage called tui na. He didn't speak much English, but after a somewhat intense treatment I was able to lift weights over my head without pain for the first time since my accident!

I Continue My Healing Journey...and Become a Massage Therapist

I was moving around a whole lot better with a lot less pain. Sitting was still a problem but it was improving. I decided that I wanted to be a part of this mysterious alternative healing thing. I enrolled in a holistically oriented massage school.

To my delight, I continued to improve by practicing and receiving regular massage. It turns out that giving massage is also therapeutic! Last year I was able to take a several hour airplane flight and I can sit long enough to go out to dinner now.

Since starting down this path, I have met other people that have similar stories. They, too, were inspired to become touch therapists by the positive changes it made in their lives.

It is profoundly satisfying to be able to pass on the gift of healing to others through massage therapy and other forms of alternative healing.

When I wanted to become a massage therapist, there was very little information available on the subject, so I decided to create this website. I hope the information here will help you on your own journey to abundance and good health.

Heather G. Beach, CMT, LST